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GTD Mini V8 Pick Up


Reliant Scimitar


TVR Vixen S2, 1969, Rover V8 4.6

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 Sold on V8 Church!

tvr/lr V8 Engine


 Sold on V8 Church!

SD1 gearbox


 Sold on V8 Church!

Short shifter


V8 Church ... a place of not-so-quiet contemplation

The driver's seat is your pew, the parts catalogue your bible and the next 30hp are your holy grail. Welcome to V8 Church, it's a church for people that worship the V8. Sort of.

What's in the site? Your V8s is a good place to have a drool, try the free classifieds if you're buying or selling. There's some info for people considering their first V8 conversion and we're working on the V8 online shop. If you're here for the shop, we hope to have it open by summer - join our mailing list and we'll let you know as soon it's open!

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